Friday, January 9, 2009

Gold, Copper, Silver (continued)

Time froze as I watched the speck of gold from the lairen's eye jump into my husband's right eye. The men cloistered around him suddenly faded out. Have you experienced anything like that before? I haven't. It was very surreal, but there was no doubt in my heart that it was very real indeed, and all consequences, never to be undone again...Sigh.

Would we have been better off as humans?

Well, as you might be guessing, the speck of gold was no ordinary speck of dust, but the Lairen himself. All these years, he had lain there, under the mound next to the village with no name, biding his time. His rival, the black serpent, the Laimu had been ruling the Lake all this while. And now it was time. The era was ending, and Laimu could rule no more. Lairen's essence had jumped into my husband's eye. And soon, he would be human no more, but start morphing. One week to the full-moon left before he would be fully Lairen.

But that's all about him. I didn't tell you that being his human consort was painful for that week to the full moon and a week after. You see, with nightfall, he would turn and want to stay in the pool all night. By day, he would be human. One week after his metamorphosis was complete, I too morphed. And then it was just a matter of time until we went and started living in the Lake.

I love the Lake. Beneath the floating mass of phumdi, the islands of matted weeds, I can swim and swoop, twirling my tail round and round. I am a mass of shiny copper scales that glint in the sunlight. I love my new look, but Lairen I find spectacular. Sometimes, when he dips in and out of the Lake, his golden scales reflect the moonlight in a way I cannot describe. He is busy working up a pact with his friend Laingou--the white serpent. Laingou will be in charge of the northern parts of the Lake.

Oh, dawn nears...I have to slip back now to the watery depths.

*Notes: I have borrowed the terms lairen, laimu, laingou and phumdi from my native Meitei language for this fantasy post.