Monday, December 1, 2008

Gold, Copper, and Silver

You might be wondering how I am what I am today and how it came about. It was on one of our expeditions to the marshy lands that this happened.

My husband and I turned east to the nameless village after visiting the Lake. We were tired and were anxious to reach home as it was nearing sunset. Sunset to dusk--was it the magical hour that was behind what happened that day? I will never know. We had to cross a small footbridge across the river that separated the nameless village from the western lands. As we neared the bridge, we saw a flurry of activity near the river bank. A group of men were digging at a huge mound by the river. What was the hullabaloo all about?

My husband scampered ahead just as the men found a huge stone statue inside the mound. It was a serpent-dragon, a lairen. I was still on the red-painted bridge when it happened. In all the excitement of finding the statue inside the mound, a workman accidentally chipped off a tiny piece from the eye of the statue. The chip caught the rays of the setting sun and looked like gold. As though it were alive, it left a stream of gold in its wake as it made straight for my husband's eye and got lodged there...He screamed in pain as workers left their tools and hurried by his side. And I, immobile on the bridge, as I watched helplessly...

(to be continued)