Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Aah! what next?

Being an elf is not so bad. Especially when you can do things that you only dreamed of doing while you were a human. Being an elf, I could realize that my elven name was in my mind, lying dormant until the magical moment of metamorphosis. And now what?

Kohl-in-one-eye the kitten was napping below the lemon tree. I sneaked past her, worried that she'd mistake me for a butterfly or a bird and come chasing...Well, her name was Kohl-In-One-Eye because she was born like that...her left eyelid was jet black like someone had applied you-know-what and forgot to do the other eye. She opened her eyes just then. Too late to sneak past, I contemplated flying off when I heard words, "What happened to you? Last I saw you, you were a human."

I blinked. Sure that must be my imagination. And then she spoke again.