Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sci-fi dream

Well...there we were, in the parking lot. It was a humid afternoon, and the sky was tinted orange. The thunderstorm had cleared a few minutes ago, and the sunlight seeped into the world through the gaps in the clouds, giving everything a strange hue...not unseen, nor unheard of before...

We were worried about the mud. Yeah, there were still patches of mud in spite of all the "progress" in turning all surfaces into concrete.

Tim came, and showed us the cars. Only three of them out there. On hindsight, I don't think that more than three could have been parked in that lot. But when you think of the scarcity of space in general, forget about parking space, you could say that Tim's parking lot was a luxury.

We turned to the cars. No car-locks. Strange...and they were all shaped liked the eighties' rendition of alien spacecraft, only, they were much sleeker. The prototype was an intelligent car that only recognised its owner. Tim said, "Try opening the front door." Jenny complied. We were shocked to see that the car had shrunk back, thanks to the magnetic locking system that just collapsed the car whenever someone tried to forcibly get in. No matter what, unless the owner punches in the secret code to 'inflate' the car back to shape, it was a piece of useless junk....It also could be programmed to set off an alarm. I made a mental note of that utility.

That wasn't all. Tim's company had managed to create them out of canvas! No, no, not the usual canvas that goes into the making of shoes and rucksacks, but special canvas...made from polymers of a secret element, each molecule of which could be programmed for different functions. The idea just boggled my mind. It was just like the fancy cars that you see in James Bond movies...but I bet that even Mr. Bond hadn't had the privilege of owning a car that could fit into a jeans pocket! Ooh, that was the most exciting part! It solved the problem of parking your car...if you want, you could carry it around in a bag, in a pocket...

The only glitch...your pockets could get soiled if you just drove in the mud...and Tim didn't have the answer to that...not yet.